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Pfeil stationary combustion plants for fossil and renewable solid fuels
Pfeil conveyor technology
Pfeil maintenance and service of power plant components

Extract of our References

VATTENFALL Power Plant Janschwalde
New construction of burn-out grate systems of the blocks A,F,C,B,E and D ( time period: 2000-2005 )
Delivery of a total of 60 individual grates measuring a total grate area of 764m²

VATTENFALL Power Plant Boxberg
New construction and redevelopment of the burn-out grate systems, blocks N and P ( time period: 2000-2006 )

Dalkia Energie Service Leinefelde
Retrofitting of the CHP Leinefelde, conversion and optimisation of lignite-powered steam generators to bio-fuel wood, Time of performance: 2005-2007

Zuckerfabrik Brottewitz
Scraper wet-type ash removal plant

Nike Trading Italy
Grate system for biomass

VATTENFALL Biomass Power Plant Aschersleben
Stoker-fired furnace for biomass

Kronotex Heiligengrabe
water cooled fuel feed ( time period: 2000-2007 )

Nickelhütte Aue
Scraper type conveyor 2007

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